When it comes to your IELTS Exam test your points are valuable. Mistakes are common, some of the most prepared test-takers make mistakes. Every section of the IELTS has been designed to follow an adequate pattern to analyze and understand different questions. In this blog, we are going to discuss what are the most common mistakes the students make and how the mistakes can be resolved.

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IELTS Writing-

This is the main part where the test takers struggle and thus it lowers your band score. 

  1. Writing too much- Sometimes writing too much can be the reason behind your low band score. The more you will write the more chances there will be of any grammatical or spelling mistakes which can deduct your scores.
  1. Changing the subject in the writing test- No matter how well structured your work is, you still won’t score well if you will start off-topic writing. To avoid this situation make sure you are sticking to your topic.
  1. Format not strategize- While preparing for the writing test, dedicating time to a specific task is important. The test takers sometimes get confused about which question they need to invest more time in. Thus the time gets exhausted which leads to insufficient time for the remaining questions.
  1. Too Complicated Sentence- Using too complicated words can make your sentence complex & can boost your band score. Make sure the sentences are error-free. Writing simple sentences can increase your writing band score. The examiner won’t waste time with the sentence If the sentence is too complicated or hard to understand after repeatedly going through essays. 
  1. Blank Answers- Never leave your answer sheet blank! Even though you are unsure about any answer it is better to write at least something better than nothing. IELTS doesn’t have any negative marking which is one of the biggest advantages for the test takers. 
  1. Lack of Transition-Another one of the more common IELTS mistakes made is a lack of transition words. These are what make sentences smooth and make conversations flow. Transition words help the reader and listener understand your idea and make the connection between your previous sentences. And so, transition words are very important and contribute to higher points in your IELTS exam.
  1. Missing an overview or conclusion-The overview description and conclusion are vital ingredients of a writing module. Many students tend to make the mistake of focusing too much on the main body of the essay. They rush through the overview and conclusion. The suggestion is to have a one or two-line overview summarizing the key points. You can keep the body paragraph short but do not sacrifice the length of the conclusion or overview.


Writing is a crucial part of the English language that most people don’t need to attempt regularly. Take note of these common mistakes & you will be on your way to improving your IELTS Band score. Engage yourself with practice tests along with the regular classes. opt for the IELTS Coaching Centers in Bangalore to assess your skills. 

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