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About Us

Our vision: Where there is a will, there is a way! Seek what you are looking for.

We see that the youth is being pressurised into making quick, rather than, smart decisions. Analysing this problem, we have come out with an institution of the solution – Enrologies™. This institute is designed to provide students with a platform where they can think and explore about their options and make the smart choice on the basis of their judgment. Aiming at a holistic development, we have come up with an establishment meant for all ages – be it a student looking to intern, seek overseas education, or compete for international exams or a graduate, who is looking for career opportunities, soft skill training, or corporate training for sustainability. We use scientific methods
such as career counselling and psychometric analysis to understand the person’s needs and deliver the best results!

Saba Parveez

Founder Of Enrologies

Seasoned career counsellor, IELTS trainer and Mentor for Students, Freshers & Professionals of all age groups. Having a degree in Psychology and Post Graduate in IMS has strengthened Ms. Saba to be a versatile trainer with over 11+ years of experience in India and Abroad. She has an ability to provide individual counselling and facilitate workshops to those who aim to kick start their career to a next level.

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