IELTS After Engineering – Language Test for Technology Graduates

IELTS after Engineering

International English Language Testing System or IELTS as it is commonly known as one of the widely accepted tests in few countries of the world. For a student who has completed B.Tech in India, a language test may be quite challenging for many reasons. But nevertheless, IELTS after engineering can …

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Career Counselling – To Help You Figure Out What Next

Enrologies Blog -Career Counseling

Often students come across a situation in life where they stop, look around and then look back and ask themselves whether they have taken the right career path and if they are heading in the correct direction. Some may be happy with their degree but willing to learn more. Some …

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Enrologies – Beyond Career Counselling, Your Career Partner

Enrologies - Beyond Career Counselling, Your Career Partner

The dynamic job market which is driven by rapid innovation in technology has made it challenging for young graduates to choose their career path. In addition, there is the barrier of low employability which distances students from their dream jobs. Various studies have proven that a large percentage of students …

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