Must Have Soft Skills in Fresher’s Resume

Must Have Soft Skills in Fresher’s Resume
Must Have Soft Skills in Fresher’s Resume

The day has come. After completing your graduate or postgraduate education, you are all prepared for your first job. If you have gone through websites regarding interviews and job search you already know that resume plays an important role in presenting your candidature in the interview. You may have carefully put together everything relevant to your education, your project, and your personal bio-data. But have you mentioned soft skills?

It is important for any candidate to know that interviewers will also look for soft skills to understand the individual better. In this write-up, we are going to talk what are some of the must-have soft skills in resume and we are also going to let you know about how to develop soft skills to improve your chances of getting hired.

Making a Resume for Your Interview? Recruiters Look for These Soft Skills

As a fresher, the job search and the interview process may be challenging. You do not want to leave any stones unturned. If you are preparing your resume for your first job, then here are a few soft skills that are worth mentioning.


Today, it is very hard to find jobs where you work totally independently without the necessity to communicate with your peers. Irrespective of the job profile, in a world that increasingly depends on networking and sharing information recruiters, find it necessary for employees to have good communication skills. It can help the organization in various ways and add value to the work profile.


If there are two things that are of high value in the modern world they are time and work ethics. Time-management itself can speak a lot about an individual. Therefore it also stands as one of the important qualities an organization may be looking for in your resume.


Unlike the past, the workforce today is independent and the work environment is highly competitive. Companies expect freshers to quickly understand their roles and responsibilities and have a drive towards the job right from day 1.


In a world that is moving towards technologies such as AI and Machine Learning, creativity can be one key differentiator for you. Irrespective of the role, every job profile requires some amount of creativity so that employees can create value for the organization over a period of time.

There may be other soft skills that can be mentioned such as decision-making, problem-solving, conflict resolution and leadership and teamwork depending on the nature of the job. It is important to understand that, more than the skill that you mention, you should be keener about how you present it in the resume and how you perform in the interview to reflect the claim.

How to Develop Soft Skills?

As freshers, you may have had a chance to attend personality development programs and seminars during your college days. However, to be successful in interviews, you may require more dedication and a step-by-step method to ensure you have the soft skills that are necessary for jobs. While you may find tutorials and videos related to few soft-skills like communication and time management, it is only when you learn it and get a chance to check and apply it in teams, that you gain confidence about your soft skills. This is possible only through soft skills training programs.

There are many institutes that offer corporate soft skills training. Enrologies is one such training institute that offers soft skills training in Bangalore. Enrologies has a team of highly qualified faculty, good training content and well-planned training programs to suit your needs. Talk to career counsellors in Enrologies Bangalore to know more about the sessions.

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