Requirements for Studying Abroad – Where Do I Start From?

Requirements for Studying Abroad – Where Do I Start From ?
Requirements for Studying Abroad – Where Do I Start From?

You are pursuing your degree or completed your graduation and you are planning for your higher education. You have figured out that studying abroad helps you learn better and opens up a new world of possibilities for you. So how do you go about preparing for this new journey? What are the requirements of studying abroad – a dream come true to many? In this write-up, we have attempted to throw some light on what it takes to study in a foreign country and how can one start preparing for the same.

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Indians Studying Abroad – What are the Requirements? Studying abroad can be a long-time dream for you. The opportunities that open-up when you go to a different country for higher education are immense. Apart from learning from some of the best institutions in the world, you also get great exposure of working with people from different cultures. This boosts your learning possibilities and makes you a better person. But how does a University in a foreign land scrutinize and validate your candidature? What is the process of admissions to foreign institutes? Here is what you have to know when you are applying for higher education in some of the best institutions in the world.

Education :

One of the primary concerns for students who are willing to go abroad for education is with regards to their education. If you are someone who is pursuing your degree now then this point is for you. Students often come up with questions related to their scores and backlogs which can affect their application. Both the scores and the backlogs (if any) are indeed a matter of concern when applying for foreign universities. While there are Universities across the globe that consider applications from students with backlogs and even low CGPA, the matter can still have an impact on their admissions. Once the decision regarding studying abroad has been made, students who are looking for institutions and courses can check the educational requirements through university/institute websites. Students who have backlogs or low CGPA should focus on clearing the backlogs and completing their graduation with the best score. As stated earlier, though academics are given importance, there are many good universities that consider a lot many factors when selecting a student and this includes their interest to learn.


Exams come as one of the most important factors that can make or break a student’s abroad education dream. There are both language and theoretical/technical exams whose scores have been globally accepted by universities. TOEFL, IELTS, GRE, and GMAT are some of these exams that students may have to take up when they are seeking admissions in foreign universities. Every university will specify a cut-off mark and it is important for students to try and score high in the exams in order to be eligible to apply in their favorite foreign institutions.

Motivation Letter / Recommendation Letter:

These letters are known by different names in different countries. A motivation letter is also called the Statement of Purpose. This is a letter addressed to the institute/university and here is where a student introduces himself/herself and describes the reason why he/she is applying for a particular course in a particular college. The recommendation letter is the letter from the faculty, internship supervisors or managers depending on the type of the course applied for. The letter will have the qualities and the abilities that make the faculty or manager or the internship supervisor recommend the candidate for a particular course.

Student Visa:

On completion of the application and admissions at a particular university, the next step will be to approach for a student visa. A student visa a legal document that is provided by the government of the host country where the student is going to study. The document permits the individual to study in a foreign country for a prescribed period of time. The application and processing of student visa itself is a long process that would require several documents which include fee receipts and other relevant documents from the institute where the student is seeking admissions.

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