Preparing for IELTS Speaking Test – Things to Know Before You Start

Best IELTS Coaching Center In Bangalore - Preparing for IELTS Speaking Test – Things to Know Before You Start
Preparing for IELTS Speaking Test – Things to Know Before You Start

You aspire to study in an English speaking country. Or you may have a dream of working abroad. In either case, IELTS is an internationally accepted language test that you have to give in order to show your proficiency in English. Speaking is one of the parts of this test and many participants face difficulties in this part largely due to lack of confidence in their ability to speak. In this write-up, we provide a few important inputs for students who are preparing for IELTS speaking test. Read on to find out.

IELTS Speaking Test – What are the Common Questions?

There are different types of questions a participant may come across in IELTS Speaking Test. There is no fixed pattern as to how the questions may come up in comparison to the previous years. So it is important that participants are prepared for all types of questions. Nevertheless, by looking at the questions that have been asked so far, one may get an understanding of what he/she may look forward for.

The questions may be related to the interests, the habits, the food, the culture (of the country) or anything related/unrelated to the life of the participant. In these types of questions, the challenge will be to put forward a genuine answer and be descriptive to an extent where the answer is understood/justified.

The second type of question may ask the participants to describe a person or an event of life. In this case, the challenge will be to breakdown the thoughts related to the person/event and present it in the correct logical flow with proper use of words.

The third type of topic may be general where the participant may have to give his/her opinion about certain matters. It can be anything from sports to television to leisure activities in the participant’s home town.

IELTS Speaking Test – The Duration and the Checking Criteria

The test duration is 11 to 14 minutes. The questions come in three parts as explained above. Your test result will be based on four important criteria which are the fluency and coherence of your speech, your pronunciation, the grammar, and the vocabulary. Preparing for these criteria may not happen overnight. Therefore it is important for individuals to dedicate time. IELTS resources both online and offline may help to understand how to prepare.

Practicing for Speaking Test – Tips and Suggestions

Preparing for the IELTS Speaking Test cannot happen overnight. It is important for participants to be aware of the types of questions, the criteria on which their test will be assessed and focus on improving the same. If a candidate is aiming at a certain band score, then it is important for him/her to understand how the test will be evaluated and make sure that he/she is well-equipped to take up the test. For instance, participants are normally expected to be more descriptive in their answers. It is important we maintain a logical flow, be expressive and formal/semi-formal during the conversation.

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