Career Counselling

Career Counselling

Enrologies™ is dedicated in ensuring your career safety by training you to orient yourself towards your profession. We provide a complete analysis using psychometric assessment that is bound to give you an absolute clarity about your decision.
But that’s not all, Enrologies™ takes it a step further by enrolling you in our various interview skills and corporate training. In essence, we help you understand your dream, train you to make it a reality, and edify you to maintain that dream.
It would be fit to say that with Enrologies™, in the east or in the west, your career will be the best!

Career Counselling

Our corporate training workshops will aid you in keeping your skills in sync with the current industry standards. No worries of hit and miss, Enrologies™ will help you achieve corporate bliss.


The first step in understanding the orientation of your career is by interning. Enrologies™ will help you gain insightful internships that will provide you with meaningful work so that you can understand what you want to do. Use Enrologies™’ as a cure to the redundant corporate lure.

Career awareness

Enrologies™ provides a 16-step guide on how to go about making a well-informed choice for your career. We take you right from the seed stage to the ten-year plan stage, ensuring that we leave no stone unturned and no option unexplored.

Mock interviews

We train you in soft skills to understand and deliver the exact keywords that institutions look out to. Our industry specialist hold sessions on how to prepare yourself for college interviews, teaching skills that help you put on a dress to impress.

Image building

“The first impression is the last impression”. Being believers of this quote, we encourage the students to put efforts into building up a charming first impression. Our image consultants train the students to sharpen their cognitive skills and always put their best foot forward.

Spoken English

English is a globally acclaimed language. It is an absolute necessity to be able to converse well in English if a person aims to survive in the international economy. We provide training on how to improve spoken English skills and become the master.

Interview Skills

The interview is the final stage of the selection process, the deciding round. We will train you in soft skills to ensure that you ease your way in the corporate world. We will give our 100% to make you give your 100%.

CV and Resume building

The way to get into corporate is to amaze them before you even meet them. Enrologies™ will help you make an impression that is as good as a contract on bond paper. Gain a corporate contract by just one contact: Enrologies™.

Group discussions

An up and coming method of understanding the competency of a student as a part of a group is by the way of group discussions. We train our students to be dynamic and teach them ways to approach any topic, talk about it, and present their thesis in a way that speaks out!

Personality Development

Image building is intended at enhancing the candidate’s "walk the talk, and talk the walk" skills by putting them in simulations that are intended to mould them into the best version of themselves.


We hold workshops for all aspects of the development cycle, be it about career guidance or about image consultancy. These workshops are aimed at ensuring that the most relevant knowledge can be delivered to all our students in the most optimum manner.